ASA Flanges

Accuvac Technology Specializes in High Vacuum ASA Flanges. They are Made in USA in our ISO 9001-2008 approved California Facility. Fabrication processes include advance Waterjet Cutting, CNC Turning and CNC Milling. ASA Flanges also known as 150 ANSI flanges, are High Vacuum Components consisting of a pair of flanges, one grooved for O-Ring and one smooth face to compress the O-ring for a Vacuum Tight Seal. • ASA Flanges are produced to Vacuum Industry Standards and are Interchangeable with all other ASA Flanges and Fittings. • Vacuum Rating of these Flanges is 1X10 to -8 Torr and Temp Range 0-20 to 200 Deg C • Size availability is ASA-5 to ASA-16 with O-Ring Groove or without • Use only DFAR Stainless Steel 304L and 304LN. Material Certification is available upon request • Coolant used in fabrication is water soluble and non-sulfur based • All ASA Flanges are available as Fixed or Rotatable for ease in assembly

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