How are Vacuum Flanges produced?

Vacuum flanges connect pipes and tubing in a vacuum gas-system, to other pipes, valves, tubing, chambers, or vacuum components. The production procedure for vacuum flanges consists of a series of design, machining and quality control processes. It starts with cutting of blanks, drilling and tapping of holes, inspection of samples, and packaging. Here are some […]

What are High Vacuum (HV) and Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV) Flanges?

Vacuum Flanges such as CF or Conflat, ISO, ASA and KF, are detachable connectors similar to connectors in Electrical Technologies.  The design and fabrication of these flanges take into account assembly and disassembly, relatively light weight for ease of handling and the right sealing mechanism for the job.  There are many types of flanges used […]